Sister Madison Whitney

Columbus Ohio Mission
January 27, 2010 - July 15, 2011

Well done thou good and faithful servant!!!

Madison returns home on July 15th, 2011. Her home coming will be July 24 at 11:30 a.m. in the Bloomington Hills Stake Center.

Sister Whitney, Sister Lillywhite, and Sister Szymanski. A trio and still in Newark, Ohio.

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Family and Friends!!! This was such a wonderful week! I am feeling so much better and it's wonderful to be able to get out and work again! I love the work! This week we had some fun!
Highlights of the week... This week we found some amazing investigators. We have been teaching Danielle Manns and we had to finish teaching her the lessons for baptism. Well, we went up to Kenton to teach her and her neighbors wanted to learn because they have been sharing things about the gospel with them and how it has changed their lives! We ended up teaching their neighbors Tasha and Tony and they both felt the spirit so strong in the first lesson! It was awesome because we were asking them what they thought about everything and how they felt and Tasha was just like "How can it not be true!" Sister Loosli and I just were like it is! It was great! They are wanting to get baptized but have a lot of things to overcome. Smoking, Chastity, etc! But they are on the right path at least. Now we just have to teach them about all of the commandments!
It was great to because their woman Pasture come to their house during the lesson and she has also been talking to the Manns because they live right next to the church and she is interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon and the Mormons! We will just have to go and teach her and convert their entire church!! AMAZING! Heavenly Father is blessing Sister Loosli and I so much!
This week we were also able to go to a Sister Conference! It was so much fun! All the Sister's in the mission got together at the Mission Presidents House! There were 23 Sister Missionaries there! We went down on Friday about 2 p.m. and then left Saturday about 1 p.m.! It was so wonderful! The 11 companionship's each prepared a 25-30 min presentation on something in Preach My Gospel! It was like 6 hours of training! Plus we were able to hear from President and Sister Jenson! I love when they instruct us! I learn so much! I love all the Sister's in our mission! It was the best thing ever to be with all of them this weekend! It's sad because 6 of them go home on December 9th :( and we only get 1 Sister coming out! That means 3 Sister areas will be closed!
This weekend we also had Stake Conference and it was so wonderful! I learned so much! The things you learn on a mission are incredible! I know I will be a much better wife, mother, and child when I get home! I have set up habits that will stay with me for the rest of my life! It's just such a blessing to me! Heavenly Father is so smart! He loves me so much and knows exactly what I need!
This week I also gave up popping my Knuckles! SO HARD! But we were teaching Terra's (a recent convert) husband, Robert. He has a desire to learn but doesn't want to give up old habits. We talked to him and tried to see his desire level. We made a deal that he would live the Word of Wisdom if I would stop popping my knuckles with him! We have both been doing a great job. We both slip up but they are both hard habits to break! But it's amazing that I am able to help him get through this and hopefully soon they will be able to be sealed in they temple together! It's amazing how much Heavenly Father is helping me with my knuckles! It has been hard but I am doing it!
Abby is doing great! She hasn't smoked for 2 1/2 days now! YEAH! Her and her 2 girls are planning on getting baptized this weekend! Danielle will also be getting baptized with them! It's so exciting! She is doing it! People like her doctor can even see a change in her and they are asking questions! It's amazing! I love the gospel! The church is true!
It really has just been such an amazing week! I can't even explain the joy I receive from being a missionary! It's the best feeling ever! I love sharing the gospel with everyone! I just wish more people would listen! It breaks my heart when they don't! But even being a tool to a few people's lives and helping them is so worth it!
My apartment is pretty warm. We can't keep it up to high because of the costs. The electric blanket isn't even essential. It would probably be easier for me to buy one anyways instead of sending it. But a twin is what I sleep on but I would also like it for when I get home so I don't know.
Anyways! I love you so much and I hope that you are having a wonderful week! I love you Dad, Mom, Zack, Brigham, and Caleb! Be good and read your scriptures everyday! I heard this amazing thing this weekend! I was told that if I prayed and read my scripture everyday for 30 min I would make it to the celestial kingdom! Because if you are doing those things you are not going to do anything bad and you will only want to do better!
I love you! Love, Sister Madison Whitney

November 8, 2010

Hey There! This week has been a very boring one! Ugh... I was sick for most of it! Monday was P-day and I felt fine but then I woke up Tuesday morning and was not doing so hot! Well, actually I was very hot! Haha... I had the fever! I had it for about 2 days and then it got better but I still felt all clammy and achy! So we didn't do very much this week. But by Friday I was pretty much better but I still have a head cold thing going on. So many people have been sick here because of the weather change! It has been so cold! But last p-day I bought some good leggings that are really helping so I should be good on winter clothes now! It was just the cold wind up my skirt that was not fun! We are still working with Abby, Zoey, and Chloe on their baptismal date! It's set for Nov 20th! She is so close to quit smoking! She is down to one a day! She can do it, it's just difficult for her because her kids aren't very obedient and they stress her out from their fighting and that makes her want a cigarette! But they are close and we are actually teaching her new husband John the lessons and he is planning on being baptized "one day" hopefully sooner than later! We are also working with Danielle Manns, Keith's daughter! Keith was baptized Oct. 1, 2010 and so it's great! He is getting the Aaronic priesthood so he can baptize his daughter, and will be going to do baptisms for the dead soon, and he was called to teach the sunbeams in primary! It's so amazing! He has just blossomed and he is so happy for his daughter! Danielle should also be getting baptized on Nov. 20th! Mom, I got the package this week with the apples and pomegranates! Thank you so much! I was actually craving them and was going to buy them in the store last week but decided against it! It was great to get them! I should actually be sending another S.D. card home soonish! I have been taking pictures like crazy and Abby wants a c.d. with the pictures from her wedding. So if you could make one for her and send it back that would be wonderful! I love you! Possibly if you could get a couple copies of the soft back triples of the Book of Mormon, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price that would be great! I don't know how much they are though. So if they are not pricey I would love to give it as a gift to Danielle and Abby. Hmmmm... I don't think very much else has happened. Just been sick and teaching some. I have been thinking about Christmas and I don't want a lot. Ideas: Toner, Face Wash, Mascara, Heater blanket, speakers (mine broke), maybe some new c.d.'s with like Hillary Weeks, Mindy Glendell, Josh Grobin or artists like that, no more mo-tab, mostly I want money to save for when I get home so I can go shopping and buy new clothes! I will not be bringing home many from my mission. They are starting to look a little warn and I don't want to know what they will look like by the end! Haha... But I would love to buy new clothes when I get home!
I love you all though! I hope your having a great week!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney

November 1, 2010

Hey! It's your favorite Sister Missionary! Hehe... I am doing pretty good! We had another crazy week! I don't understand how much crazy things can happen in a week. Monday we carved pumpkins with the Clearfork Sisters! That was fun! I love them! I also learned how to knit! Tuesday we had a bunch of tornado warnings! We were inside 1/2 the day because the sirens were going off. Nothing bad happened here though. It was just raining really hard and super windy!
Tuesday this crazy lady also called us and said she was going to file harassment charges on us if we didn't leave her younger friends alone that we had been teaching. She told us that they don't want to be Mormon and she knows this because she is their "Mentor." It was ridiculous! She was yelling at me over the phone and then she called the Branch President. He ended up calling the church legal department and told him we could continue teaching them unless they told us not to come over. It all way dumb, because the girls we were teaching were all over the age of 25 and they were so excited to learn. But this Wendy person who called totally anti-ed them and they ended up calling the church and telling them they didn't want to learn. It was ridiculous! But whatever... Hopefully they will find it later in life when this Wendy person isn't in their lives anymore!
Wednesday we had somewhat of a normal day. We had district meeting and went to lunch with our district. Then we taught some lessons and found a couple new investigators from member referrals! Member referrals are the best! They definitely have a higher success rate of baptism than anything else!
Thursday I got my blood drawn for my thyroid. Speaking of which I did call the number you gave me and they said they would send a bill and on the back there is something that says you should apply for. I am not sure... But I can call my doctors office and give them permission for you to go over the bills. I am pretty sure I sent in a paper that gave you access to all that already. I don't know... It's just so confusing sometimes. Because there are so many bills from different places. Didn't they write them off?
Anyways... we also went up to Kenton on Thursday and we taught Keith Manns' daughter Danielle who has seen the gospel make a change in his life and so she was interested in learning. Well we taught her about the Restoration and she thinks it makes perfect sense. I also was telling her about Joseph Smith's First Vision and she said she got goose bumps and she knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet! It was a wonderful lesson! We committed her for baptism on Nov 20th! Friday... we had weekly planning and then taught some lessons.
We also had a branch Halloween social! It was fun! We had a potluck dinner and then the primary age kids and the Missionaries got to go trunk or treating! It was awesome! I love being a missionary! It's awesome! We have so much candy though! I don't know what to do with it all. I was thinking about using it during lessons! Ha-ha... I don't want to eat it all.
Saturday we did a crazy service project! We Killed Chickens! I took lots and lots of pictures! It was so gross but I am glad we did it for the experience! They even sent us home with one of the chickens we killed. It's in our freezer... I am not sure I want to eat it! Hmmm... It was very interesting. First we chopped their heads off with an axe then we dipped them in boiling water and plucked off their feathers and then we had to skin them! YUCK! Then we cut up their rib cage and got all the organs and stuff out. I held a chickens heart! Can you even imagine me doing this... Weird!
Then Sunday we were supposed to have a baptism of Zoey and Chloe but then we decided it would be better for them to wait for their mom! Abby their mom is so close! She was smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day but she is down to 1-2! We are hoping to baptize her and her kids Saturday of this week or next! Keep her in your prayers please! But that was my crazy week! Lots of fun experiences! Ha-ha! But I am doing good!
It sounds like things at home are good! The entire house is going to look different by the time I get home! That's weird! I can't believe how much things can change in a year! It's just strange to think that life is going on back home without me! It's definitely weird to see pictures of lance at home hanging out with friends!
I love you all so much! Thanks for all the prayers and support! You are amazing! I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Whitney
p.s. Sorry I am taking so long to write letters back to anyone who wrote me. My hand has been hurting for some reason lately and it's hard to write for to long! But I still love you!
Mom, You need to update my blog! Haha... I have been out over 9 months now! I love you and I hope that you are having a great day! Thanks for everything that you do for me! You are the best! Love, Madie

October 25, 2010

Hey Family!I can't even begin to tell you how amazing my week has been! O mygoodness! I won't be able to explain it all in the next 10-15 min!
I am doing amazing! I have a great companion and we have had somuch success this week. People keep asking us our secret and we have noidea! Heavenly Father is just really blessing us and this area! We reachedthe standard of excellence this week. That is the mission presidents goalfor our area's each week. It's 20 lessons taught, 5 member present lessons,and 3 new investigators. It's been so much fun.
We went to the Zoo Monday and had a blast! They are already putting up Christmas lights! Tuesday we got transfer calls and I was so excited to hear I am staying in Marion and with Sister Loosli! And an area in our district got doubled out and SisterMissionaries got doubled in! Not to mention that it was Sister LeSueur myMTC companion! We will get to see each other all the time now! It's soexciting!
Probably the craziest thing that happened this week was that weplanned and had a wedding within 36 hours! We taught Abby the law ofchastity and told her that her boyfriend couldn't live there and so she saidwe will get married tomorrow. Well we told her how about the day after! Wecalled the branch president and set it up! Sister Loosli and I baked awedding cake! It was so intense! But everything went really well! I tooklike a billion pictures and so that was crazy! It was just an insane week!The work is just wonderful! I love it!
Sorry it's kind of short! I have to go! But I love you and I appreciate allof the letters and mail!
Kimber and Shanan thank you for the HalloweenPackage! You are the BEST! I love you guys! Kimber CONGRATULATIONS on thecall to the Buena's Aires Argentina West mission! That's amazing! You willlove it! I can't believe you don't leave till Feb! I will miss you so muchwhen I get home but you will love serving and you will never regret it!
I love you!Love Sister Madison Whitney

October 18, 2010

Hey family! Happy Birthday Brigham and Dad! I love you both so much! I hope that you both have wonderful birthdays! Another crazy week! It has been really good because we have been super busy and it has kept my mind busy! Heavenly Father knew I needed to be busy so I could stay focused with lance going home. It has been a little difficult knowing he is home now with everyone and I am here. But I defiantly know this is where I am supposed to be! I have been able to be a huge part of changing peoples lives in this area and every time I see them it reconfirms to me that I am here for a reason! Mother, Sister Parry is my favorite companion! I love her and she went home last transfer. I served with her in Greenfield! She is skinny and has curly blondish hair. That's sad to here about Brigham’s leg. That's crazy that he couldn't even walk. I hope he is feeling better! I still can't believe he is 16! That's ridiculous! Tell him he can't grow up anymore! I did get the package you mailed. It's a little early but thank you very much! I loved it! I am pretty excited for Halloween! We get to go to a trunk or treat with the Branch and should be having a baptism on Halloween! It's pretty cool! That's wonderful to hear about the medical! Heavenly Father is definitely blessing us! I have been feeling pretty great for the most part! I am very tired sometimes but I just think that's a mix of being a missionary and everything! I usually just take naps during lunch. I should be going to get my blood drawn in the next week and then I have to go back to OSU to see the doctor on Nov. 30! I am doing good at taking the pills everyday. I put them right by my bed! Transfers are this week and I really don't want to leave this area. But we will see! I am loving Sister Loosli! We get along great and we have a lot of fun together! This was a short transfer... only 5 weeks and the next 2 will be 7 weeks. It's weird but we just listen. We are going to the Zoo today! I am excited! I love the ZOO! We are going with some Elders from our Zone that are way fun to hang out with! Hopefully it won't rain on us! But if it does o well! HAHA... But I have to get going. Sorry the email isn't to detailed about my week. We have just been teaching and working hard! Preparing people for baptism! I love it! Thank you for all that you do for me! I love you so much! Love, Sister Madison Whitney

October 12, 2010

Hey Family! Things are going great here in Marion still! We had another baptism this week for Terra Ferriman and she is absolutely awesome! The people here are just so prepared to here the gospel it's amazing! I love it! Keith Manns is still doing great! He got up on Sunday and bore his testimony and thanked us for helping him change his life and Terra did the same! It's so great being able to help them! Today we had specialized training with the Mission President and he told us that we were angels and the people that we helped find the gospel would always remember us in their hearts and we would be their angels! It was so awesome! The weather in Ohio is beautiful and I love the fall colors! I have taken a few pictures but a lot of the times when I see them we are driving and so it's hard to take pictures. But I love the colors! We collect leaves and put them in our copies of the Book of Mormon we carry around. We are really busy and I love it! It seem like we never have enough time to do what we need to do! It's good though! I do love Marion but I still definitely miss Greenfield. I think Greenfield will always be my favorite! It just has a special place in my heart because that's where I started!
That's cool that you are trying to learn Spanish. We actually just found 2 new investigators that speak Spanish and very little English. It's difficult to teach them and I wish Zack could just come up and be my companion for a bit to help me teach them. But we are doing pretty good with them. Their names are Felipe and Gabino. I did take Spanish in high school but I don't remember very much of it. Just a few words here and there. I will probably be sending home a package soon. I need to send a few things home. Including my S.D. card with all my pictures from the baptisms I have had on it. Hopefully this next week I will be sending that home. I will probably just end up buying myself some warmer clothes. It's mostly just for my legs in the winter! I want leggings and knee high socks. Thanks for the little extra money.
I still can't believe Lance will be home Friday that is unreal! That's cool that you will be going to the airport to welcome him home! I wish I could be there but I know I need to be here it will just be a little difficult knowing that he is home! Ugh.. Maybe you could bring a large picture of me so I can be there. Ha-ha... I don't know.
I got a letter from Sister Parry today and she has only been home for 4 weeks! She is engaged already! It's crazy! I can't believe it but I am way excited for her! She will be getting married on Jan 28th in the Bountiful temple. I also wish I could be there! But time is up... I need to go but I love you so much and I hope you have a great week! Tell Lance I love him and wish him luck with everything! I love you! Love, Sister Madison Whitney
p.s. Could you get me 2-3 copies of the General Conference Ensign when it comes out. And also if you could look up The Mantle- 14 fundamentals in following the prophet by President Benson and email that to me that would be great! Thanks!

October 4, 2010

Hey family, It has been a pretty great week! We have been busy as usual finding new people to teach, teaching our investigators, and baptizing Keith Manns! Keith's baptism was so amazing! The spirit was so strong! I love seeing the happiness that the gospel brings into people's lives! It's just amazing! Keith was able to be baptized by his brother Kevin and to see them hug after he came up out of the water and to see the smile's on there faces was just incredible! Not to mention after the baptism we went to Red Lobster to celebrate. The members that took us ordered Calamari for an appetizer. They made me try it! Yuck... chewy squid for an appetizer. But I did it and I also ended up trying lobster, crab, and shrimp. I can say I do not like seafood! It's just gross! I had a chicken ceaser salad for my dinner and of course those yummy cheesy biscuits! Yum!
Terra is still getting baptized on the Saturday! I am so excited for her! Abby and her children are going to be pushed back to later in the month. Abby is still smoking and so she can't get baptized yet. But she is getting closer. She was smoking about 40 a day, 2 packs. But now she is down to about 10! So she has cut a lot off but she is still working on those last few. She is determined to do it though!
Conference was great! I loved it so much! It's amazing how much you can get from listening to the prophets and apostles! I loved Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk and also President Thomas S. Monson's about gratitude! It was great! Speaking of gratitude! I am so thankful for you Dad and Mom for all that you do for me! I am thankful for the great sacrifice you go through to raise us kids and then to support both Zack and I on our missions! It means so much to me to know that I have your support and love! We watched conference at the church for the first 3 sessions and then went to the Titensors, the branch president's family, for dinner and the last session. We only had a few investigators show up sadly. It is so hard to get the investigators to church! It's frustrating sometimes that they have their agency. But... we just keep working with them on it. Thanks for looking at skirts for me but I don't know if I will really need any. One new colorful one may be nice but with it getting in to winter I just need clothes to bundle up in! I think I wear a 12 but I am not sure. I pretty much am the same size I was. I still haven't worn that white skirt you sent me. I was trying to lose weight so I could wear it but I am just staying the same. It's just to hard on the mission. But did it fit you. Did you want it back to wear? Anyways... It has been so cold I am scared for the colder months. I don't know if you would want to buy my some warm knee socks... maybe like micro fiber and also some leggings or something or if you can just put some money on my card so I can buy them at Wal-Mart so you don't have to send a box. I just have a feeling It's going to be a cold winter! Ugh... Christmas is still far away. Ha-ha... I want a GPS so I don't get lost anymore! I hate reading maps. But I will keep it in the back of my mind. Sister Loosli and I are doing fabulous! I love her! She is really cool and we get along great!
I can't remember if I told you but she came out 3 weeks earlier than me cuz she was in the Cincinnati mission and so we are way close to each other in mission age. We will actually be going home together and so that will be cool! I did hear about the tornados and it was crazy apparently. Our branch mission leader drove through it from work to get home. But that's all I know from it. It has been raining here alot but all is good. I have plenty of boots. I have even inherited a pair. I have way to much stuff because when other missionaries go home they just leave everything with you.
A recipe for Kennedy. Did I give you the Buckeye candy recipe! You should give it to her if I did because it's especially a recipe from Ohio! And it's amazing! If I didn't give it to you just look it up on the internet. It's a chocolate peanut butter candy! SO YUMMY! I think the cd disc you made was when I was with Sister Parry and she is home now! But she got copies from Wal-Mart. Thanks though. Maybe I will send my other one home soon. I haven't been taking as many pictures though.
Can you believe Lance comes home on the 15th of this month! I can't even believe it! CRAZY! I hit my 1/2 way mark way soon to! Time just fly’s by! But I got to get going! I love you all so so much! I hope you have a wonderful week! I love you! Remember Missionaries Love getting mail! I would love to get letters from some of you that don't write me very often if ever!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney
p.s. Dad a member in my branch said your face book picture looks like Brett Farve or something like that. I guess he is a NFL football player. HA! I love you!

September 27, 2010

Hello Crazy Family, I still can't believe you had a family reunion without me and zack! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! This has been a crazy crazy week! We have been so busy I am stressing out about teaching everyone we need to and contacting people that have signed up from the popcorn festival! It's crazy! This next week we are already booked up besides on Saturday! It's so weird having to schedule appointments a week out. It's good though! Keith is getting baptized on Friday Oct. 1st! He had his baptismal interview and we were able to teach him everything he needed to know. He is so amazing! It's so cool because you can really see a difference in his countenance! Abby, Zoey, Chloe, and Terra are all still on for October 9th. They are doing really good! They came to the Relief Society general broadcast and they loved it! It was really good! We have also been able to find some great new investigators! It's just so exciting!
On other news... we caught 12 spiders in our home in the last few nights! I have been so scared and not sleeping very well. It all started out with wanting to air out our apartment. We went and lifted up the blinds and there was a HUGE spider web! It was like one of the ones you would put up for Halloween except real and there were real spiders in it! Luckily my amazing companion Sister Loosli is not scared of spiders like I am. After she cleaned that spider web up I started checking all of the corners and stuff. I found one in almost every corner of our apartment! It was not cool! We were cleaning up spider webs for about 2 hours that night! Not to mention I found a huge centipede in the apartment! It was like 2-3 inches long! I ended up calling our branch mission leader and he went and bought us some spider killer spray you spray around the corners and walls. It was disgusting! I am so glad I am not serving a mission out of the country in some foreign land! GROSS... then today we were deep cleaning and we found spider egg sacks! AHHHH! I will tell you that our apartment is probably the cleanest it has ever been we spent hours and hours cleaning over the last few days and mostly today! Hopefully I will be able to sleep better now. I hate spiders and bugs!
Anyways... it was a pretty crazy, exciting week! We are keeping busy though! I do love it! We even were able to go to Zone Conference and learn about the new 8 things. Well part of them or something. I guess my mission president didn't tell us what we were learning he is just teaching us it. It was really good though! I always love Zone Conference! It's amazing I learn so much and the spirit is so strong! I also got to see Misty Posey and some people from Greenfield! It was so cool! They were going to the temple and I was leaving to go back to Marion from Zone Conference! It was so great seeing them! I loved it! Well... I need to get going but I love you so much! I hope all is going well! I love you! Love, Sister Madison Whitney

September 20. 2010

Hello Family and Friends! I can't even tell you how busy we have been over the last week and how busy we are going to continue to be! It's crazy! The work in Marion is moving forward! Our investigators are doing amazing! Keith Manns is working on getting baptized this Saturday the 25th of September! We just have to finish teaching him the lessons and get him interviewed by the district leader! He has been living the Word of Wisdom for 2 weeks now. Well mostly, he has had one slip up on Friday but if he stays clean and will live it from now on he will be able to be baptized on Saturday! It's so exciting seeing these people's lives changed! Abby is doing good. She is having a little more difficult time living the word of wisdom but is trying and has cut back on smoking. Her boyfriend moved out the other night after we taught her the Law of Chastity! Pretty exciting! We are also teaching her 2 little girls Zoey and Chloe who are 10 and 8! They will be getting baptized on October 9th if she can quit smoking! Tara is also amazing! She has been living the Word of Wisdom and has only slipped up once in the last week! All of these investigators have been coming to church and loving it! It's just fabulous! We have a few other investigators we are just continuing to work with! We also have 50 people that we have to contact in the next few weeks. We had a booth in the popcorn festival and that is how many people we got to sign up and so hopefully some good investigators will come off of the list! It's just great!
Transfers were this week and as you can tell I am still in Marion. I did get a new companion though. Her name is Sister Loosli. Pronounced Loose-ly, like tightly and loosley! She is really awesome! I have come to love her already! I know we are going to do some great work this transfer. She is from Southern California from a city called Irvin. She has been on her mission only 3 weeks longer than me. It was cool because she actually is from the Cincinnati Mission. She went into the MTC 3 weeks earlier than me. I stayed in her room and we had the same teachers in the MTC. It was cool and so we learned a lot of the same things from our MTC teachers and we are going to be celebrating our 1/2 way marks together! I love her though!
I got the medical letter. Thank you. They are drawing my blood in 6 weeks and I think they are doing 3 tests on it. And then I will go to doctor Kwaja on Nov 30. Thank you for sending me pictures of Rhondee's wedding! She is so beautiful! I love her and hope she is happy! I did hear that Kennedy is engaged! That's so cool! I am excited for her! I still can't believe how many people have gotten married since I left! I am going to come home and be the only single person left! Crazy! Hopefully I won't stay single for to long though.
But time is up! I love you all so much! Thanks again for all the love and support that you give me! I love getting letters and packages from most of you! It's so exciting to get mail! I hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney Read the Book of Mormon! It's amazing! I have grown so much from reading it daily! I know it's Another Testament of Christ and it truly will bring us closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father!

September 13, 2010

Hey family! Things are still going really great here in Marion! Its crazy how fast time is going by! I can't believe it! Abby, Tara, and Keith are still all on for baptism! Keith hasn't had a cigarette since Tuesday last week. Tara and Abby both quit yesterday! It's really excited! They are all doing amazing! It's cool because Abby's kids Zoey and Chloe are wanting to get baptized on October 9th with their mom! So we should be having 5 baptisms with in the next few weeks! I love seeing the change this gospel brings into peoples lives! The popcorn festival was really fun! It was draining though! Being there from 11-9 everyday for three days gets tiring! We seemed to have a lot of success from it! We ended up having 218 contacts, which means we taught them a principle of the gospel and committed them to do something. We had 53 people sign up for either copies of the Book of Mormon, Bibles, or DVD's. It was pretty cool. We had the other missionaries come out and help us which was cool because it's always great to see other missionaries! It was really cool! I bought this awesome shirt from the festival that says Peace, Love, and Popcorn! Ha-ha... That was the theme! And they have a popcorn festival because they do have a popcorn factory out here. They even have a popcorn museum! Pretty sweet! I ate so much popcorn this last week though! It was good! I got Rondee's wedding invitation this week! She is so beautiful! I am sad I am not there for the wedding! I wish I could be there! I miss her! Tell her I love her and wish I could be there! I hope you have fun at that! I heard that Cheryl, Christi, and Cheri are all coming down! That should be fun! I wish I could also be there to see them. Gosh... I am missing all kinds of things! But I know that I need to be out here doing the work I am doing. It's just sad to miss so much sometimes! I could kind of read the letter from the doctor. I have the others and so I will compare my levels over the last few times. I do not need any more pills! I have a ton! We bought like 500 before I left! 15 mg a day is only a pill and a half. So that’s not horrible. I do have to go back in 6 weeks to get my blood drawn and go back to the doctor in 3 months. I think Nov. 30 was the date. Ugh... did you get anything back from the financial aid place. I mailed the thing in. Transfers are this week and so I will let you know what happens. Most likely I will be staying in Marion but we will see! I love you all so much! Thanks for all the support you give me! I love you! Love, Sister Madison Whitney

September 7, 2010

Hello Family!!
I have the best news ever!!! SISTER MISSIONARIES DON"T HAVE TO WEAR NYLONS ANYMORE!!! It's amazing! We got a letter in the mail today and they totally updated the Sister Missionary wear. Remember all the really ugly outfits in my call letter. Well, now they are cute and updated! It was a great letter. We no longer have to wear nylons and our skirts only have to cover the knee now! It's great! So no more buying knee highs! Super excited I hate those things! But anyways... besides that excellent news this has been an amazing week!
The lord is really blessing this area! We have 3 investigators with a baptismal date! The first one is Abby. She is probably in her 30's. Abby has 3 kids: Zoey-10, Chloe-8, and Ian-5! She came to church for the 2nd week in a row. We watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration DVD with her and then committed her to baptism on October 9th. She has a lot to overcome before then like smoking, coffee, and boyfriend. But she knows it's true and she wants to go forward! It's a little difficult for her because her family is anything but supportive! Her grandpa is a minister in another church and is really coming down on her but she just keeps telling him sorry and she knows this is what is right for her! She is amazing! Hopefully her and her 2 kids will all be getting baptized on Oct. 9th but it may take longer depending on the boyfriend thing... We will see.
We are also teaching Keith. Keith lives with his member brother Kevin and his wife Carla. They are an amazing family. We have been teaching him and we also watched the Joseph Smith DVD with him and when it was over he looked at us and said "I found my home!" It was so powerful! The spirit was so strong and he knew that this is what he needs to do. He has come to church twice and has a baptismal date for September 25! He also has to quit smoking! But they are willing and the Lord will help them!
We have also been teaching Tara! She lives with a less active, Barb Rickerd! She is actually the one who texted you to get the brownie recipe! But we have been teaching her daughter and she loves it! She has read the entire first book of Nephi in 2 weeks! She hasn't been able to come to church because she works, but she has next Sunday off and will be asking for all her Sundays off or at least a later shift so she can come to church! She also has a baptismal date for October 9th! It's amazing! I love seeing the gospel change peoples lives! I love serving a mission!
But that is pretty much how the work is going here in Marion! We are also working at a booth at the popcorn festival on thurs, Friday, and sat. this week! Its pretty exciting!
The weather is pretty hot still. It's really annoying because the weather changes so fast here. It could be cold one day and hot the next! ugh...
We do have a Wal-Mart in Marion! It's way nice. We can go every week now. It's just when I was in Greenfield we didn't have one and so we had to go into another area. My hair is doing fine I think. I should probably color it again soon but I still have color so I am doing fine. I do like my companion Sister Hulbert. She is really nice. We have different personalities and likes and dislikes and so sometimes that makes it difficult but she is nice.
I hope all is well with everything at home! I love you all so much! I miss you! But time is flying by! I can't believe I have been out 71/2 months! Crazy! I love you and keep you all in my prayers!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney
p.s. Write me letters!

September 2, 2010

September 2, 2010
Hello Family, How are things going in good ole St. George? I am doing pretty good here in Marion. The week has been pretty good. We were able to go to the Mission Home Fireside on Sunday and we brought 5 investigators. That is were we get to go down to Powell and get to here President and Sister Jensen speak and then have brownies and ice cream. The spirit is so strong there and it's a great environment for our investigators! Monday for p-day we were able to go down to OCU Medical Center and I saw the doctor and got my blood drawn. It went pretty well... I guess. The results should be coming in about 2 weeks. I just had them send everything to your house because that way bills and everything gets sent to you. So let me know what it says on there. We also got to go to the Zoo on Monday and so that was fun! It's supposedly the best Zoo in America! It is pretty big and it was a lot of walking! I was tired when we got home but it was fun! I will hopefully be sending a few pictures out! It sounds like you had a lot of fun on your cruise! I am jealous! But I am glad that you were able to go and do that! The scuba dives sounded great! I would love to get certified in that one day with my husband and go with you and dad! I think that would be so much fun! I still remember the time in Hawaii. I remember when I panicked and almost swam to the top. Ha-ha... And thanks for the pictures! You look really good and I like your shorter hair! The work here is going really great! Heavenly Father is defiantly blessing this area! I love it! We have so many great investigators! We found this girl Abby and she is doing amazing! She is reading the gospel principles book and the book of Mormon. She has come to church and the mission home fireside! She really notices a huge difference when she reads and prays! It's great because she really recognizes the spirit! We just need to teach her the Word of Wisdom and The Law of Chastity! It seems like everyone in Ohio smokes! YUCK! I really hope I don't get lung cancer from second hand smoke! Joke.. But it is going pretty well. The members are amazing! They will do anything for us! I love them! The members is defiantly what makes the work move forward! I love them! But my times up! I hope everything is going good back home! I love you all! Love, Sister Madison Whitney
p.s. Thanks for the letters for those of you who write me! Mail for missionaries is like gold! We love it! Thanks!

August 23, 2010

Hello Family! It is so good to hear from you! I cant even believe how old Brigham looks. It's crazy... he is getting tall! I hope that the cruise is fun! That's insane how much fruit you have! I would love that! Fruit just seems to be so expensive and so we don't buy to much. We have been getting a ton of fresh garden veggies! Yesterday we had dinner with the Sutter family! They have a way intense story they told us. If you wanted to you could read about it on but it was really a testimony builder to me on how the lord really protects his people. But they have a huge garden! 3/4 of an acre and they gave us beets, broccoli, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, and a few others. We are going to be eating pretty healthy this week. ha-ha... I love garden fresh veggies! They are so good especially those tomatoes:) But the members are so great to us here! We were given a loaf of banana and zucchini bread last week! So good! It's amazing how much they do for us! I love them! The branch mission leader even bought me a pillow because the one I was using well, I wouldn't even call it a pillow. It was the thinnest thing I have ever seen! They really do so much! We even have been able to get more members out with us to lessons! It's great when the members help do missionary work because that is when the work really starts moving along!
Speaking of the work moving along... LEONARD was BAPTIZED and CONFIRMED this weekend! It is so exciting! He is so amazing and truly has a testimony that this is Christ restored church! I love being able to take part in people lives and help them come unto Christ! The baptism went amazing! The spirit was so strong and Leonard was so happy. It's just so exciting! The work is moving along here quite well in Marion! We have been finding and teaching a ton of people! We have 20 investigators right now! It is crazy! We just need to get them to keep commitments! I wish they would just come to church! They would progress so much faster if they would take that step. But we are working with them on it!
I am just doing really amazing! I love serving! Teaching the gospel brings so much joy into my life! I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to share it with people! I want everyone to feel that happiness that can come from this gospel! I know that this is Christ's church! I know that it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith! I know that the Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ! If we read it we will feel the Holy Ghost bear record to us that it is true! We need to read our scriptures daily, we need to pray all the time and we need to go to church! Heavenly Father loves and knows each of us individually and he wants us to talk to him. He wants to be able to comfort us but we must turn to him! I am so thankful to share this message with the people here in Ohio! I know I was sent here for a reason! I am where I need to be and I am grateful for Heavenly Father for allowing me to be here!
I love you all so much! I appreciate the support I get from you as I am on my mission! I am thankful for the many prayers offered up in my behalf! I love you! I hope that you have a great week! Love, Sister Madison Whitney Thanks for the Zucchini Brownies recipe! We made them last night! They are so good!)

August 16, 2010

Hello Family, Sounds like things are going really well at home! I am glad to hear that! Marion is on the other side of Columbus. I went from the South of my mission to the North. It's pretty great up here. I am getting used to driving again. It was a little weird at first. It's difficult here because there are a lot of one way streets! Ugh... I do not like that. But it's alright. I am getting used to it and getting around town a little better. I will soon be going to Columbus for my doctors appointment. I go on the 30th. Sister Hulbert and I are doing good. She is really sweet! I think that we will have a really good transfer!
Cici's is great! I love getting free food! It's great! This area is really great! I love the people! The members are amazing! We just need to get them excited about doing member missionary work. I don't think the members realize how much we need them! It really helps when they get involved. I am really excited to work with them though! I think that we are going to find a lot of success in this area! Speaking of success Leonard is getting baptized this Saturday! He was having a little bit of a problem accepting Joseph Smith as a prophet but we watched the talk Safety for my soul with him from Oct general conference and the spirit was really strong. He then decided that Joseph smith was a prophet! Amazing! It was really awesome! The branch is really close to becoming a ward. They need 100 people for 3 months and they have been in the high 80's and low 90's and so they are getting close! There are a ton of less active members here and so hopefully we will be able to reactivate some!
That's really cool about Brigham and Caleb running cross country! That's insane! I don't think I could ever run that much! YUCK! Is Brigham going to run in the marathon in October? How are they liking school? I can't believe how old they are getting! It's crazy! Thanks for supporting Lance! You're awesome parents! And of course I still write him every week. Well almost, some weeks I am way busy! But we are pretty good at writing! Thanks for all that you do! You are amazing! I hope that you have a fun cruise! I love you! Have a good week!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney
p.s. Thanks for the package Cheryl! You're amazing!

August 9, 2010

Hello Family, Crazy week! Tuesday night was transfer calls and I got the call that I needed to start packing. Wednesday I packed and said my goodbyes to Greenfield! It was really tough saying goodbye! I love the people so much and they are like my family now. I started crying a few times saying goodbye. But I know that Heavenly Father has sent me where I needed to go. Thursday morning we stuffed all of my stuff into the back of the car and headed to Columbus. We got there and transfers started. I got paired up with Sister Hulbert in the Marion area! Sister Hulbert is from Seattle, Washington. She has been serving for 3 months now. She is a really cute girl! It was crazy coming into Marion because it is my second area. I am now the Senior Companion and the driver all in a new area! It was kind of stressful because Sister Hulbert didn't know her way around Marion and so we have been using a lot of maps. Marion is also full of one way streets and so that is difficult to get used to. I didn't really want to drive either. I would rather sit in the passenger seat and relax but it's ok. I drive a 2008 Chevy Malibu. It's a pretty nice car. Marion is a branch. It has about 80-90 active members. They are trying really hard to become a ward. Something cool about Marion is that it is the oldest branch in the church right now. It was also started by Elder L. Tom Perry when he was serving a mission. He said that when they become a ward he will come back. It would be really cool if it would become a ward when I was here! I would love to see Elder Perry! It's pretty great being in this new area! The branch members seem really sweet and have a desire to work hard. We also get free pizza from Cici's Pizza whenever we want! I love it! Hmmm... I think that is about all I know about Marion.

Friday, July 30, 2010

July 28, 2010

Hey Family,
Another week gone by! Crazy! I have been out on my mission over 6 months! Can you believe how fast the time is flying by! I can't even believe I have almost been in Greenfield for 6 months! Transfers are next Thursday and I am sad because there is a likely chance Sister Whitney will be transferred out of Greenfield. I love the people here so much! They have become my family! It will be sad to leave but I am also ready for a change. But who knows if I am leaving yet.
This week has been a pretty great one! The reason I am emailing today is because we got the chance to go to the temple today! I love it there! It just is so amazing to be able to go to the temple. I wish we could go more but as my mission president says "We are on our missions to do work for the living, not for the dead." But I am just lucky that we get to go quarterly!
I got my blood results back this week and they are good:) The doctor told me to go down to 1 pill a day. And then on August 30th I will go up to OSU to see her. Going from 5 to 1 pill a day is awesome though!
Sister Parry did get the c.d. you sent her! Thank you for making that again! I got the plate from a member in the Mound builders ward. Sister Parry had got one from that area and said that I could get one for $10. That is crazy about the shower leaking into my bedroom...not Caleb’s. What did the insurance adjuster say. Do you get a new shower?It sounds like Brigham is in really good shape. That is cool that he runs 6 miles a day! I can barely do 1!
This week was a pretty good week for teaching. We were able to get into contact with some investigators that we hadn't been able to see. We are teaching these 2 great families who are best friends. Dawn and Shawn Smith and Beth, Emily, and Harley Penwell. They are great! We are giving them a tour of our church ( blue double-wide trailer) tonight so that they will feel comfortable on Sunday when they come to church. It was cool because we were able to get permission to go skating with them last night at the skating rink! It was such a blast! I love their families. They are sad I might be leaving next week and so on Tuesday they are throwing a BBQ Party thing for me, even though I may not leave! I love them! I love this work and being able to meet people! I have met so many amazing people that I will love forever! I have family here I will defiantly miss! Kayla and Rachel are not getting baptized on the 31st :( their dad has been in and out of the hospital for a couple weeks and we had to push the date back. It's sad because I wont be there. But it's not about me.
That is cool that you are going up to Springville this weekend! The Halls are out in Utah this weekend. I can't remember exactly where... I think Saratoga Springs. But they are the family that did all my dentist work and it would be way cool if you could go out there and meet them since you are going to be up in the area anyways. I will give you their cell numbers incase you have time or would like to do that. Their number is 937-876-9646 and 937-876-9813. Their names are LaVar and Sharon Hall.
I did try the hand sanitizer on my mosquito bites. It works pretty well. I do have anti itch cream that works good to.
My schedule:
I wake up at 6:30 a.m. and we exercise for 30 min. Then we get ready and eat breakfast from 7-8. At 8 we have personal study and at 9 we have companion study. Then at 10 a.m. we are out the door proselyting until 9 p.m. with a 1 hour lunch and dinner break.
But that's pretty much it. Ha-ha... Thanks again for everything! I am excited to get Brigham and Caleb's letters! :) I love you all so much! You are awesome! Thanks for the prays and the support!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney
p.s. Thank you for the Package Brent! It is being much enjoyed and appreciated! My companion and I are loving it:)

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hi Family! Another great week in the Ohio Columbus Mission! We had a few great experiences this week! We were able to go to Zone Conference which was amazing! I loved it! It is always so great hearing from President and Sister Jensen! They have so much knowledge! I feel the spirit so strong as they teach us. I always leave Zone Conference wanted to be better! I love it! We were also able to set up a booth in the Greenfield Festival on Saturday. We were there from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Crazy! We were able to contact 150 people though. I don't know how much we will actually see from it but I do know that we planted a lot of seeds that will hopefully blossom over the next years. It was really great! And we are still teaching some great people! Beulah is doing good, just taking it slow. Daniel girls Kayla and Rachel are still on for baptism on July 31st but it's just a hard situation right now because they are living with their mom for the time being. We will see what happens. Megan Southward is doing amazing! She came to church on Sunday and loved it! She is reading and praying and she really enjoys our lessons. We are going to hopefully commit her for baptism this week. She just needs to either get married to her boyfriend or move out. But we haven't talk her about that commandment yet and so we will see how that goes. Everyone one else is doing pretty good. We are just working hard trying to get people to recognize the truth! Sometimes I just want to ring peoples necks and say listen to us! We can help you so much! But the lord has his own timing for everyone!
Ha-ha... I am glad that you liked all my pictures. I do take a lot! I have another card that is almost full. I like taking pictures and I know I will never regret taking so many because I may only get to go on one mission. I haven't got my blood results back. I probably won't for another week or two. It takes a while because they have to look at them and then mail them to me through the mission office and it's just a pain. But I will let you know what is up when I get them. I haven't been getting as bad of headaches. I did buy some Excedrin migraine and that really helps when I do get them. I haven't seen chiggers but I know you are not supposed to sit on the grass or play in the fields. I don't really want to get bit or anything. I do have a lot of mosquito bites though. They are gross! But I got this stuff to put on them that really helps. And people have been telling me that if I put hand sanitizer on them it stops them from itching.
But everything is still going really good! I love it! But my time is up! Sorry this is kind of short! I love you and hope you have a great week! Love, Sister Madison Whitney

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hello Hello!
It's sounds like everything is going pretty well at home! I can't believe they had a earthquake! Crazy... that's good that is was small though!
It sounds like you are having a crazy fun summer! All the scout camps, hikes and then girls camp. That's really cool. The Greenfield branch just left for girls camp this morning! I am jealous that I don't get to go. But things here is Greenfield are going really good! I love it! We are so busy we are totally scheduled for the entire week. We have been having to tell people we can't see them for 2 weeks unless people cancel on us. But I love it! It's been great because we have some really great investigators!
We are teaching Beulah Hale an 83 year old women! She is hilarious! We have been reading the Restoration pamphlet with her just taking it really slow. But she gets it and says she knows its true and that the Holy Spirit is strong in her. We just need to get her to come to church. It's just hard with her being old and not being able to drive. We have also been working with a lot of less actives! Trying to rescue them! We are teaching Cherisa Lamb and her daughter who is 8 and wants to get baptized. We just need to get them to start coming to church again! We also have been able to help this less active Daniel Wells with a lot of problems he has been having. He has gotten robbed, been in the hospital numerous times, moved twice, and a bunch of other trials have come his way. But we just keep teaching him and trying to get him help. It was great though because when we were leaving the other day he told us that we have had such a positive impact on his life and he will never forget us and what we have helped him with. It just makes you feel so good! It's moments like those that makes the work all worth it! I love it! I love serving a mission!
Hmmm... I don't know what else has really been going on. We just have been working hard. We are going bowling today for p-day and so I am way excited about that! It's nice to be able to relax and have some fun! Mom, you should update my page thing. Get some pictures of Sister Parry and I on there! I know your busy though... I just want people to see my awesome new companion) .
You were wondering how much we get as missionaries and all of our expenses and stuff. Well we get $145 a month. That covers food, cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, mailing supplies, well pretty much everything we buy. We don't have to pay rent or gas or anything like that. The mission covers it out of the money you pay every month.
That's cool that Caleb will be a teacher! I can't believe how old my baby brothers are getting! Crazy! Brigham going into high school... Scary! ha-ha... That's cool he is going to do cross country. I bet he will be really good at that. Is he going to run the marathon in October? I know that he wanted to when I left.
I hear from some of my friends. Kimber Clayton is amazing at writing me! I love her so much! Shanan writes me quite a bit! It's crazy that she has 2 little boys! They are so cute! I have gotten letters from a couple of other friends once in a while but not a ton. I mostly get mail from Lance and then a letter here and there from Rachel, Skyee, and some Elders that were in my Zone at the MTC. But that's pretty much it. I would love to hear from the aunts I wrote... Michelle, Barbara, Cheri. Even if you email me that would be okay! Hand written letters are always the best though! And I get mail from Brent and Ellen’s family. But not recently because I think they went out of town. That is cool about Rondee getting married in September! I expect a wedding invitation! I would love to hear from her! You should call her and personally tell her that I want a letter from her telling me how she is doing and to tell me the story about her engagement! Also mention how she told me she would write me every week and I haven't received a letter from her once! Kelsey Vernon is getting married July 31st! CRAZY! I am sad I am missing it! Her announcement was so cute! I am way happy for her!
I did get my blood drawn this week. They only checked 3 things and so it should be good. And I filled out this financial aid thing.
But time is up and I have to go! But I love you all very much! Thank you for all that you do for me! Your amazing! Have a great week! I love you!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney
P.S. Happy Birthday Caleb! I hope that you have fun at your scout camp! I love you!

Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hello Family! Great News! I am still serving in Greenfield! I am only in a companionship now! I am serving with Sister Parry still! I love her so much! She is a wonderful companion and we have so much fun together! I am super excited for this next 6 weeks in Greenfield! I know that we are going to accomplish so much! We have been doing really good in the area. I can't even remember what I have and haven't told you about! I am pretty sure I told you about Sandy and Shelby. They both got Baptized on the 18th of June! They are doing really great! We are teaching a few people but not a lot. You know what they say about your teaching pool after you have baptisms. Your teaching pool drains with the font! But it is well worth it because instead of Investigators to teach we have recent converts! But we are working a lot with Less Actives and we are going to be going through the area book and look up all the former investigators. Hopefully we will be able to get more investigators! The main people we are working with at this point is Megan Southward, Beulah Hales, Dawn and Shawn Smith, and well a few others. Beulah is 83! She is so cool! She even feels drawn to the Mormons but is comfortable at her church and so she doesn't want to leave. But we are really working with her. Dawn and Shawn are great! They just have a hard time coming to church because her husband is a truck driver and he is only home on the weekends and so she want's to be able to spend time with them.
The Zoo was so much fun! It was just cool to get out of the area! And everything is just so much cooler when you're a missionary! We were able to go with our District and Zone Leaders which made it way fun! I took a billion pictures! I am actually going to be sending a package home in the next week or so with some stuff I don't need to carry around with me. It will have me S.D. card in it and so if you will make a couple of C.D's of it and then send it back that would be great! And my companion want's one of the C.D.'s and so if you could make an extra one for her that would be great! So if you haven't sent the package you are going to be sending me don't send it yet. Until I can get you mine. Also I might need a few more garments. I would like 2 more mesh bottoms and 2-4 tops. I am not sure what size or anything and so I will let you know in the package. I am also out of hairspray if you have room in the package. If not I will just buy some at Wal-Mart next time that we go. Not a big deal! But I will definatly try and send that package on Wednesday or Thursday when we get more money for July!
I talked to the doctor and she called me when I think that she was supposed to call you. The reason she said she did all the test was because I was a new patient and since I hadn't been to the doctor in a while I needed to get them all checked or something. I have the number. I will give it to you and you can call and talk to her assistant. The number is 614-292-3800 ask for Wendy. Then she gave me Liz Lantle's number she is the medication assistant. If we need help with money I think. The number is 614-293-0993. They should let you get a hold of my information. I faxed something over to them and so just call them. The weather out here is insane! It is in the high 90's and it's so humid! It's crazy because they have the most random rain storms ever! Yesterday it was sunny and then we were eating dinner and this crazy hurricane rain started falling and then in an hour it was all clear and sunny again! We did get a little window air conditioner on Saturday! It is so much nicer! It was getting to be 87 in our apartment. Now only the bedroom is cold but that's just were we do everything now. I can't believe Brigham is driving! That's scary! Ha-ha... Alright... I have to go. But I love you so much! I hope all is going good at home! I love you and miss you all so much! Remember to always read your scriptures and say your prayers!

Love, Sister Madison Whitney

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 14, 2010

Hello Family!
How are you doing? I am doing wonderful! I love serving a mission! These last 2 weeks were amazing! And this up coming one is going to be amazing! So first of all the Posey's baptism was so amazing! The spirit was so strong! They are so happy and it's so cool! You can really see a difference in her countenance! The spirit is so strong! I loved it! And her husband came which was amazing! He was able to watch his wife and three kids get baptized and we were able to teach him and everybody the first lesson during part of the program! It was such an amazing experience! I took lots of pictures and so I will send you my SD card at the end of this transfer! The transfer ends on June 24! Crazy! I could go anywhere or I could stay. I may even end up training. I am not sure what but I will go wherever the Lord wants me to go! Also this last week we were able to take Misty up to the Bishop's Store House and serve there! It was awesome! She was so amazed with all the things the church does! It was funny because they had canned food there and she was so confused! She had never seen macaroni in a can! It was hilarious because at first she asked me about it and I was like yeah it's in a can so what? She just looked at me and was like this is not normal! I forget I grew up a Mormon in Utah. I am used to food storage! HAHA! She is so excited about the idea. Mom you will have to talk to her about it and give her some recipes. I will get you her number or email so you can tell her more about it!

We also were able to go to COSI this week for our P-day and that's why I didn't email last week! It was so so fun! It's this huge science museum place! You should look it up on the internet! It's bomb! They had a titanic exhibit that was so cool but sad! They had a bunch of shows, and just a bunch of cool things. It kind of of reminded me of parts of Epcot and Disney World. Sister Borsini took us for her birthday! It was just way way fun!

Then on Saturday, I was able to see an Apostle! Elder Todd D. Kristofferson came and spoke to our entire mission! It was so amazing! The spirit was so strong! We were able to shake his hand and tell him where we are from! He was just amazing! It was such a cool experience learning from an apostle and feeling how strong the spirit was in the room! We even got to ask him questions! It was amazing! We also had Elder Gonzales from the First Presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy! They had some great advice! We need to really be working with Less Actives and trying to help rescue them!

Later that same day we were able to here from Sheri Dew and Sister Nelson ( Elder Russell M. Nelson's wife)! It was a quad stake relief society meeting! It was a great experience! They are both amazing speakers! We were able to get to talk to them and hug them! Then I also got to see Amy Trumpvine our cousin! It was so great seeing her and getting to talk with her for a few min! I loved it! It brought so much joy to see family! It really was an amazing day! I was so spiritually uplifted! Wow!

Then to keep going we are having a branch missionary baseball game on Tuesday night, having 2 more Baptism's, Sandy and Shelbie, on Friday night at Welmington which is outside of our mission! And there are Sister's serving in that area and so we will get to meet them! And then setting up a booth in the Leesburg Festival on Saturday! Crazy Crazy busy! Not to mention this last 4 weeks we have also taught at least 25 lessons or over! It is really amazing! I can't believe how great this work is! It makes me so happy!

But that is my crazy weeks! O yeah... I forgot to tell you that I am going to the Columbus ZOO on Monday and so I won't be emailing next week! Sorry! But I am so excited for the Zoo! It is the best zoo in America! It even tops the San Diego Zoo! Pretty Sweet! Yeah! I love it! But I have to get going! I love you so much! Thanks for all that you do for me! Have a great 2 Weeks!

Love, Sister Madison Whitney

p.s. I got the recipe book mom! Thanks so much I love it!

I love you Lance! Thanks again for the Large print Book of Mormon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 1, 2010

Hello Family,
It was so good to hear from you. I am emailing today because the library was closed yesterday because of memorial day. This week has been going really good! As you heard I have 4 Baptisms this Saturday! I am so excited and happy! It is Misty, Shannon, Brett, and Britney Posey! They are amazing and it is so good to see how much they have changed! We also were able to extend 2 other Baptismal dates for the 18th and 20th of June! The people are so prepared here! We have been doing this 20 day fast in our branch and we have seen a lot of tender mercies come from it! I was also able to give a talk on Sunday. First one in the mission field. It went really well. I talked about Baptism and the covenant that we make. It was awesome! I still love Greenfield and my companions and all of the branch members! They take really good care of us!

And I shouldn't be needing anything or any money. I have everything that I need! Thank you for all that you do! And the mesh garments ended up working out fine. I had them on the wrong way. Ha-ha... blonde moment! But don't worry about sending any more packages or anything I have everything I need and I am doing great!

I love you so much and I am so thankful for all the support that you show me! It means the world for me to be out serving here and I know that it is where I am supposed to be.
There is not a lot for me to say this week. I have just been doing really good. We have been working hard and having fun! I love you!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney

May 24, 2010

Hello Family,
I am doing really well! The work is still amazing! We taught 29 lessons last week! It was insane! I love my companions so much! They are truly amazing! Especially Sister Parry! We are so much a like it's funny! We all love each other and have lots of fun! But I got to go! I love you all! I love you Lance!
Love Sister Madie Whitney

May 17, 2010

Madison told us on Mothers day that she had received a blessing and in it was promised she would be made whole while on her mission. She has graves disease and has been taking 5 pills a day to bring her thyroid levels down. It looks like things are changing for her if they are taking her down to 2 pills a day now. What a blessing. Just thought I would share that little miracle with you.

Hello Family,
This week has been totally amazing! I love it! Just so that everyone knows I am staying in Greenfield another transfer! I am in Another Trio! It's Sisters Eves and Parry! I love them both so much! This transfer is going to be amazing! We all just clicked and have had a blast together ever since we became companions! It's great! I really like trio's! I think they are so much fun! It is a little challenging at time but so is just having two! It's just like having your own little party with three! And it makes cleaning go a lot faster! Hehe... Sister Seibel got transferred to Mound builders, New Wark. Actually it's really close to where Todd and Amy live. She is companions with Sister Le Sueur my MTC companion.
But besides that Misty Posey finally decided she is ready for BAPTISM! Her and her 3 kids are getting baptized on June 5! Yeah! I am so excited for her! We are also teaching Sandy and Shelby and they want to get baptized with Misty but we have to teach them a lot to have them get baptized that soon! And we are also teaching Kayla Wells and she will be getting baptized on June 19! Zack's b-day! It's all so exciting! This area is booming! I love it! We are teaching so much and having such a great time!
I also got my thyroid results back! I am hypo now. The doctor told me to go down to 2 pills a day and then I am going to get my blood work done in 5 1/2 weeks. Just here at the hospital in Greenfield. Do we have insurance for that? What am I supposed to do when I get my lab work done? Just let me know what’s going on. But that was really good news! So I also got your package you sent! I got it right before we left to come email! Thank you so much for everything! It is all amazing! Your the best! I really like the skirt! It's cute! Another style might be cute to but whatever works. I don’t have my measurements but we have a couple of members that would measure me though. Maybe I will have Sister Snavely help me and send you the measurements. We are going over there for dinner so if we get time I will have her do that.
It's sounds like things at home are going really great! That's so cool that Preston is Romeo in the play! That's awesome! That's crazy about Kennedy serving in the Philippines! I couldn't do it! I love Ohio! I am so glad I stayed in the states! I know that Heavenly Father put me where I need to be! I am just so happy and I love all the people here! It's such a great experience! I know that I will never regret serving! Thank you for all of your love and support! It means the world to me! I love you so much! Have a great week!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney

May 10, 2010

Hello again...
I just want to say how great it was talking to you yesterday! I loved hearing from you and being able to tell you about things going on not through letter or email. It is so much faster just to talk. But now I don't really have a lot to say today. You are pretty much caught up on my life.

I didn't really get to tell you about Sandy on the phone. She is a new investigator that we found. It was really funny how we were able to find her to! So we are teaching Misty Posey and her kids. The people that we went to a baptism and the temple on Saturday. But she was having a difficult time because no one was supporting her besides her kids. Last week her husband and her friend stayed up yelling at her till 2 a.m. and told her that she was pretty much a horrible mother for taking her children to the Mormon church. Telling her that we were a cult, and polygamist, and well pretty much everything anti. She was trying to explain to them that we are not. But they just wouldn't listen to her. And so her crazy friend decided she needed to talk to us. She wanted to set us straight. Well we went to answer her questions and now we are teaching her, Sandy. She even came to church yesterday and brought her daughter that is 15. So now Sandy and her daughter Shelbie are really interested! It's so awesome! Crazy how a week ago she was yelling at her friend for going to the Mormon church and now she is going and wanting to really learn! That is actually who we need the large print Book of Mormon for. She can't see anything! And it is really hard to teach her if she isn't reading the Book of Mormon. But if you look for that will you make sure it is just the Book of Mormon. We don't want her to have the D&C (the triple). If you can't find it don't worry about it. We will just have a member order one. But let me know if you get one or if you don't so I can have them either order one or not. Just by next Monday.

I really appreciate all that you do for me! You are an amazing family! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I hope that you had a great Mother's Day! I love you so much!
And I will hopefully have a member email you if on Wednesday if I am leaving or staying in Greenfield! I love you!

Love, Sister Madison Whitney

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

Hello family!
It's so good to hear from you! I love getting letters and emails! It's been another good week! Kind of Crazy! But good! It's has been raining like crazy! I am so glad I have boots! I wish I would have bought that rain coat at Burlington Coat Factory but I will find one here.

Brittany is still doing amazing! She came to church yesterday and she loved it! It is just hard to get her out because she lives in Lee’sburg and there are no active members that live out there and she doesn't have a car and her dad is not supporting her and so he won't drive her out. But she is still on for May 29! Just pray that she will be able to quite smoking! She is working on it but it is just hard! Misty is doing pretty good. It is just a really hard situation. She knows that the gospel is true and it makes her really happy but her husband is not supportive at all. They were having some marital problems before and they are just getting worse. We may have to drop her but we are going to talk to the mission president and get his advice. We just don't want to come in-between the family. But at the same time. She loves it and really has that desire to be baptized! It is just a tricky situation!

Transfers are on May 13 and so I am not sure if you want to send anything after this next week. Well, you could to the mission home. But maybe not to the Jefferson address.
I do have a few favors to ask. So first of all if you would send me 2 General conference Ensigns that would be fabulas! I am not sure how much they would be at Deseret book. If they are to much don't worry about it. I would just love to have one for myself and also Brittany really want's one.

Thank you for the cafe rio recipes! One of the members in the branch is going to make that for us sometime this week or next! I am excited! Trish, If you could send me your Taco Soup recipe that would be awesome! Also, I would love some colorful undershirts. Maybe from shade. I want to wear them under clothes to add some color. It doesn't have to be soon. Just if there is a sale or something. They just need to be high enough to cover my garments. Also there is a sale at JC Pennies right now and we are not allowed to go shopping at the mall. There was a really cute skirt in the sale catalog that looked long enough. I believe it was spandex. But it was only $14.99. If you wanted to maybe go by and look at it. But these are not necessities. Just maybe for next Christmas or something.
But anyways... So on mother's day I will be calling around 4-5 your time. I will probably call at four but if you are talking to Zack I can call back at 5. It just depends what is best for you. I can only talk for 45 min though! So it would be best if you had a list of questions ready that I could answer! I am super excited though! I love you very much! Sorry I didn't really answer any of your questions. I will try and write a short letter home answering them. There were just a lot today! But I love you all very much! I miss you! I hope you are doing better dad! Have a good week and good luck with everything!
Love, Sister Whitney

P.s. Good luck at the Track Meet Caleb! And remember that goal you made, the one where you said you would write your favorite sister monthly! Hmmm... why haven't I gotten a letter or even an email.

p.s. Can I get Zack's address and how to send him letters. I want to write him.

p.s. I also need to get the Bishops address so I can write him a letter. I know that it is on Sweetgum but I am not sure what the house number is.
Thanks for all that you do! I love you very much.
April 26, 2010


First of all my wrist is doing a lot better. I got the results back and it was fine! I just bruised it. It has been sore and I have been wearing a brace for it. But it is doing a lot better. I haven't gotten the results back for my thyroid and probably won’t have them for another 2 weeks. I called and asked for them and I guess they just mail them to you. So... I just get to wait anxiously, but I know everything will work out. The lord is truly blessing me! Also I wanted to ask for some recipes. Mostly just the Cafe Rio ones. If you could just e-mail them or send them. I would love them! Mom, I also wanted to see if you have gotten a chance to take my clothes over to that coyote threads place. I bet they would buy some of them. It is on the opposite side of the mall past the freeway. I am not positive of the name but it is coyote... something. Also don't really worry about me calling on Mother's day. It will be sometime in the afternoon and I will just call you. But I will give you a more specific time next week.

But any who... this last few weeks has been amazing! I can't even explain how well things are going! We did so many great things this week! First of all we found this "golden investigator"! Brittany Allen, she is amazing and she knows that it is true! She told us the last time we met with her that even if she wanted to deny it she couldn't! We committed her to be baptized on MAY 29! She want's it to be sooner but she has to go to church at least 3 times and so that is the soonest we can do it! But it is way exciting! I hope I don't get transferred before then.

We also had a Sister's Conference this weekend! It was so cool! Friday morning we drove up to the temple. We met Sister Jensen and all the Sister's there. There are 11 sisters in the mission right now. But we did a temple session and then we went to the mission house. We all had prepared 30 min presentations on PMG topics. We were able to spend all day with the President and Sister Jensen. It was really such an amazing experience! The spirit was so strong and we were able to learn a ton! We also got to watch Another Testament by Mark Marby. It was such an amazing video! If you ever get the chance to watch it I would! It was so spiritually uplifting! I loved it! But we were also able to just have fun as Sister's and get to bond! It was really great for me because I haven't had the chance to meet all the sister's until then! And I was able to get to know each of them better! And I would love to serve with anyone of them!

We also had stake conference this weekend! We were able to go the adult session and the regular session. But it was really great! The theme seemed to really revolve around missionary work and having the light of Christ! We were able to take Misty Posey one of our amazing investigators with us to the adult session and she loved it! And it was awesome because she drove us there and back! It was an 1 1/2 hour drive both ways and so we were able to really get to know her. We were able to answer a lot of her questions and help her! It was so great!

I don't remember if I told you but June 12 is going to be amazing! Todd C. Christofferson is coming to our mission! He is going to be talking to us for a few hours that morning! Then later that afternoon they are having a quad stake relief society meeting where Sheri Dew and Russell M. Nelsons wife are coming to talk to us! I am so excited! It is going to be great! There is just so much going on!

The work is still progressing in Greenfield! We have so many investigators that are just sitting on the edge of the fence! They just need a little push! I am just so thankful for all the blessing that are being poured out! I know that this is the Lord's work! I love it and it makes me so happy! I have to get going but I pray for you every night! I hope things are going well at home! I love you all so much! Have a great week! Remember Always to Smile! We are supposed to stand as representatives of Christ at all times and in all things and in all places! I love you all!

Love, Sister Whitney
April 19, 2010

Dear family,
This is not going to be a very long email today. I hurt my wrist. I went to the OSU medical center today and got my thyroid looked at. But I was walking down the stairs of the parking garage and I slipped and landed on my bum and wrist. We went and saw my doctor and since I fell on the premises they had my arm x-rayed. I won’t know what’s wrong with it until later this evening or tomorrow. but it is making me type a lot slower and now I can’t write letters. blah... so sorry to disappoint anyone that had a letter coming. I was going to write a bunch today but that’s not going to happen now because it is my right wrist.

But mom I need to have you fax my insurance card to the doctors office. the number is... 614-293-0189. If you want to call and talk to them the number is 614-293-2100 or 800-678-8037. If you need my medical number or something it is 908206015, pt# 337230981. My doctor is Khawaja. It went pretty good. I just got my blood drawn and she said to just continue to take 4 mg a day. She will send me the results but she said to come back in 4 months. But she will have me get my blood drawn in two months.

Don’t buy anymore herbs until I can talk to you on mothers day. I have something really amazing to tell you and the family. But besides all of my medical problems everything is going really good. I am still loving the work! It’s amazing! Thank you for the package. I really liked both shirts except I am not sure what I can wear the brown shirt with. The white skirt is a little tight I have not been able to wear it. But I really am doing a lot better at eating healthier. I might just have to send it back. do you fit in it? My goal is to lose enough weight to fit into it. But I have to go. Sorry it is so short. I love you! I will update you on everything soon. bye

Love, sister Whitney
April 12, 2010

Hello Family!
How is everything! Sounds like a lot is happening at home! Crazy! I can't believe Dad had skin cancer! I am glad everything worked out! I can't believe Kiwi died! So sad! Will you send me a picture of her! I have told her about a few people and I want to show them what she looks like. I am sorry about the taxes. How did that happen? Shouldn't you usually get money back? I don't really know how it works. Probably something I should learn when I get home. I usually email the same time every week. It is from about 10:15 - 11:00 Ohio time. So I believe it would be 8:15 - 9:00 your time. That would be really cool to be able to email back and forth! I also didn't get Tyler's email. You said you forwarded it to me but I didn't see it. I can't believe he had to kill a pig though! All I have to say is that I am glad I am in Ohio!

So some updates in Greenfield. The trio is still great! I love both of my companions:) sometimes things are a little more difficult but we get along really well most of the time. Teaching is just harder and being able to all agree on the same thing. But we have a lot of fun! The work is still progressing! We have so many people on the brink of baptism! They just need a little push over the wall! Misty Possey one of our amazing investigators! I can't remember if I told you about her. But we have been teaching her for a few weeks and she is really progressing! We even taught her the word of wisdom and she handed me her cigarettes and we went and threw them away. It was really weird! First time I have ever held cigarettes in my hands, and I was a missionary! But we walked out to the trash and dumped them! She is 8 days smoke free today! She has been coming to church and she really loves it! We extended a baptismal date to her and she said she wants to be baptized but wants her kids to be baptized first or with her. And so now we are going to start teaching her 4 kids! One is only 7 though and so she will have to wait! But it is super exciting!

Also we have Sam Camp! She is still progressing! She is coming to church and keeping all of her commitments! She want's to be baptized also she just isn't sure when. We extended April 24 as her date! So now she is praying about it and will tell us tonight at her lesson! We also taught 20 lessons last week! So awesome!

Also my mouth is doing pretty good! I have all of my cavities fixed! And I didn't even have to get a root canal! Thank goodness! But we did find something else wrong with me! So I guess I grind my teeth and that has been what is causing the back pains. So now I am going to be getting a mouth guard to sleep with at night! Super exciting! But it is just going really good here! I love Ohio! I am loving serving a mission! It is such an amazing experience! Thanks for all the love and support! I love you so much and appreciate all that you do for me!

Love, Sister Madie Whitney
April 5, 2010

Hello Family,
How is everyone doing back home? I am doing awesome out here in the GREAT OHIO COLUMBUS MISSION! I really love it! We had transfers this week and they were really great! I am still in Greenfield with Sister Seibel but we got another Sister! Her name is Sister Eves and I love her very very much! She is so funny! We are always laughing! It's just crazy! I can't believe I am already in a trio! I went from a trio in the Mtc and then training to another trio! But I am really excited! I think it is going to be a very fun transfer! Sister Eves is from Southern California, she is the youngest of 5, and yeah.. I don't know to much about her yet. But we are all getting along really really well.

The work is still progressing! We are teaching a lot which is awesome! We have a few very solid investigators! My mouth is doing alright. It hurts just because it is sore from all the work! I think I am going to have to get a root canal on Friday but he is going to investigate! But it really doesn't bug me that much! When it hurts I just take a couple of Ibuprofen and the pain goes away. I did get my Easter Package! Thank you very much! I loved everything in it! And I am not upset you didn't send me any candy. My comps and I are trying to eat healthier anyways. I do love the skirt! It is super cute! I also got the Avon package a while back! My companions also say thank you for the card! Thank you Trish!

Easter weekend was very good! I loved watching general conference! It was so amazing! I just couldn't get enough of it! I think it was my first time watching general conference without falling asleep! It has such a new light to it when your on a mission! It was very good! I had a few talks I really like I would have to pull out my notes though to tell you which ones I liked the best. I really like the one that talked about mother-daughter relationships! It made me miss you mom but it was really good! But all of conference was really good! It really stressed the importance of families and the youth of the church!

We watched conference at the Hall's for both Saturday Sessions and we had Easter Dinner in-between the two sessions. The sessions were 12-2 and 4-6. It was weird not watching them in the morning! But it was cool! Easter dinner with the halls was very good! I loved it! Then on Sunday we watched the first session at a less active members home and had Easter dinner with her and her husband and then watched the second session at the Snaveleys, the branch presidents house. Then we watched the Lamb of God video at a members house with them later on in the evening. It was really good! I loved it! Great Easter! The weather was even perfect! I am so happy the spring is finally here!

Mom what are you speaking about at church next Sunday? I bet you will do very good! You should send me your talk! I would love to read it! I haven't had to talk in any meeting yet. They really try and get the members to do that. Did you get to go to Brian Head? How was it? I also email at a library. I think for mother's day we just call from members houses. So you don't have to worry about anything. I will find out for sure though. I know we don't use a calling card or call collect so it will be all good.

Anyways I don't have a lot of time left. But I wanted to ask if you would send me some c.d.s I can listen to any LDS author as long as it invites the spirit. There are a lot on I tunes I would love if you could burn me some or if Brigham could. I have enough MO-TAB just the other stuff under my name. Maybe like Michael McLain and Hilary Weeks. That would be great!

Also I am sending a big package home this weekend. It has letters in it and some mission stuff I just want you to keep for me. It also has a little present for Cassie in it and some clothes I am not allowed to wear on the mission. I realize I don't have that many summer shirts I can wear. But we are going to Wal-Mart today so hopefully I will find a few. But everything is still going well! I love this area! And I love serving! I love you so much! Have a wonderful day!

Love, Sister Madison Whitney

p.s. Thank You for all that you do for me!
March 29, 2010

Dearest Family,

How is everyone doing? Hopefully good! I am doing really good! You shouldn't be worrying about me that much! My mouth is hurting a little but only because he filled 5 cavities yesterday! And I go back for more today! Ugh! I hate the dentist! But he is so amazing! Best dentist I think I have ever had! I love the Halls! I don't think they really need anything. They really are in a good situation. But I just think a Thank You card and a picture of the family would be nice. I am planning on making them a little treat and giving them a Thank you card. But they eat pretty healthy so I don't know what to make them. They are always doing so much for the missionaries! But I know that they are being blessed for it!

My back is also doing a lot better. I think that the problem was that I was doing push ups. I was doing as many as I could and I think it was just straining my back. But Sister Waltz worked on it and it has been doing a lot better. She is just going to keep working on me weekly until I leave the area. I also have another chiropractic appointment today. He will probably be adjusting me weekly also. The members really are just so generous here! I love them all!

Mom, I will probably send you my SD card next week after this transfer. I do have another one and so we can just trade them back and forth. I have my thyroid doctors appointment on June 14. It is kind of far away but I called the second week I was here and that was the closest date they had. So that’s what we are working with. They did put me on the cancellation list and so they will call if anyone cancels. But I really am doing fine!

I haven't colored my hair yet. It really isn't even that bad yet. But Skyee the one who face booked you can do hair and will do it for me. But she is moving in April and so we need to do it before she leaves because Sister Seibel doesn't want to do it!

I was not able to attend the Young Women's conference on Saturday! We had plans to go to a baptism with one of our investigators but it fell through and the conference had already started and so we just ended up staying in and studying. I don't remember if I told you but we are not allowed to be out after dark unless we are in an appointment and so a lot of the time we go back to our apartment early and study. I really like it on some nights because it gives you and extra hour to read the Book of Mormon or whatever else you want to study.

I really hope that Sister Seibel and I will stay together this transfer but I am not sure. I really think we will because we are both getting dental work done. But who knows... we find out tomorrow. Maybe I will have Skyee face book you and tell you if we are staying or going.

You asked me about taxes and if I had received a stimulus check last year. I am not sure what a stimulus check is but if it is were I got money back I did not. I had to pay like $50 to them because my taxes were messed up. Also thank you for the addresses!
I am so excited for general conference this week! I can't wait! I hope that our investigators are going to be able to come! By the way! This area is doing amazing! The lord is totally preparing the work! We found 7 new investigators this week! It really is just coming along! I love seeing the progress! But I hope everything is going good at home! I love you so much! Thanks for all that you do for me!

Love Sister Madison Whitney
March 25, 2010

Hello Family!

How are things doing back in Utah? Hopefully good! Man because things out here in Ohio are crazy! I don't know where to start! I have so much to tell you and not enough time! Well first off! The reason why I am emailing today is because we switched our
P-day to Thursday this week so we could go to the temple. So you will get another email on Monday. But that’s why you didn't get one on Monday! So pretty much insane!

I actually just got back from the temple! It was so amazing! I love the Columbus, Ohio Temple! It is so small but it is beautiful! I will hopefully send some pictures soon. Or I might even send my SD card home soon so you can get the pictures off of it. But it was so cool. We left this morning and drove an hour and a half then did the 11:00 session! A member drove us out there. It was so awesome! I loved it! I don't know if I told you but we get to go to the temple quarterly in this mission. So I will get to go once every three months! I am so happy! It was just amazing!

I also got to hear from a general authority last week. Elder Evans! It was a wonderful experience! I got to shake his hand a few times and I sat right next to him during lunch. Of course him and his wife wanted to sit with the Sister Missionaries! But it was so amazing! He taught us so many things! We even got to watch part of the new District 2 movies. Probably only Lance and Zack will know what I am talking about. But we were the first missionaries to ever see them so far! It's pretty exciting! But he was just amazing! And he just was very cool. We just talked back and forth with him. He would ask us questions and expect answers and input! It was just such an amazing experience! He even told us that we had one of the best mission presidents he has ever worked with and we should be very happy! It was all just great! We ended up spending almost all day with him. We were at the stake center from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

But besides all of the amazing spiritual experiences I have been able to have over the last week and a half I have also had a lot of stressful moments! Like finding out that I have 12 cavities! O my goodness! I started to flip out! Not even cool! I totally brush and floss every night since I went into the MTC. Well before too. But I have been doing really good! It just kind of bummed me out! But Brother Hall and his wife are such amazing people! They do so much for us missionaries! I know they will be blessed! But they feed us every Friday night, we are staying in one of his apartments, he is going to fix all of my teeth for free! He is just amazing! He even comes out with us on appointments all the time! There family is just amazing! I really love him and his wife!

All the members here are just so great! They take such good care of us! My back was actually hurting really bad last week and we have a massage therapist and a chiropractor in the branch and so they both worked on me and my back is feeling better. It still hurts and I am going to go back a couple of times but it was hurting really bad. I wasn't even able to work out in the morning or hardly write in my journal ( which I write in every night)! But they are all just so willing to do anything for us! I love them already! I actually have a really funny story about Brother Borsini! But I am running out of time and so I will probably tell you in my email on Monday since I won't have as much to tell you because it is only in a few days!

But the work has really been progressing out here! It is insane! I love it so much! We went from teaching 6-7 lessons a week when I first got out here to teaching 16-17! It's just amazing! Sister Seibels tells me that what we are doing now she would have never thought possible! We have a ton of new investigators we are teaching! A few really promising ones! I will try and tell you more about them on Monday! But I just really love doing this work! I know that is it true and I am supposed to be out here in Greenfield! I know that as long as I am obedient and working my hardest the work is going to keep progressing! I am so glad I am able to serve a mission! I know that I will never regret it! It's so amazing!

By the way transfers are on April 1st! Can you believe it! I have almost been out 2 months! It doesn't even seem like it to me! That time has flown my! Crazy! But I need some address' from you! I would like Chari's, Michelle Covington, and Barbara Whites! I want to write them! But Trish and Mom, Thank you so much for the packages! I loved them! It is so great hearing from you! I love you all so so much! Thanks for all the love and support! I hope all is well! I pray for you every night! I love you so much! Have a great day! I will talk to ya all on Monday!

Love, Sister Madison Whitney

P.S. ALWAYS SMILE! It's what keeps me going on those tough days!