Sister Madison Whitney

Columbus Ohio Mission
January 27, 2010 - July 15, 2011

Well done thou good and faithful servant!!!

Madison returns home on July 15th, 2011. Her home coming will be July 24 at 11:30 a.m. in the Bloomington Hills Stake Center.

Sister Whitney, Sister Lillywhite, and Sister Szymanski. A trio and still in Newark, Ohio.

Monday, November 15, 2010

September 27, 2010

Hello Crazy Family, I still can't believe you had a family reunion without me and zack! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! This has been a crazy crazy week! We have been so busy I am stressing out about teaching everyone we need to and contacting people that have signed up from the popcorn festival! It's crazy! This next week we are already booked up besides on Saturday! It's so weird having to schedule appointments a week out. It's good though! Keith is getting baptized on Friday Oct. 1st! He had his baptismal interview and we were able to teach him everything he needed to know. He is so amazing! It's so cool because you can really see a difference in his countenance! Abby, Zoey, Chloe, and Terra are all still on for October 9th. They are doing really good! They came to the Relief Society general broadcast and they loved it! It was really good! We have also been able to find some great new investigators! It's just so exciting!
On other news... we caught 12 spiders in our home in the last few nights! I have been so scared and not sleeping very well. It all started out with wanting to air out our apartment. We went and lifted up the blinds and there was a HUGE spider web! It was like one of the ones you would put up for Halloween except real and there were real spiders in it! Luckily my amazing companion Sister Loosli is not scared of spiders like I am. After she cleaned that spider web up I started checking all of the corners and stuff. I found one in almost every corner of our apartment! It was not cool! We were cleaning up spider webs for about 2 hours that night! Not to mention I found a huge centipede in the apartment! It was like 2-3 inches long! I ended up calling our branch mission leader and he went and bought us some spider killer spray you spray around the corners and walls. It was disgusting! I am so glad I am not serving a mission out of the country in some foreign land! GROSS... then today we were deep cleaning and we found spider egg sacks! AHHHH! I will tell you that our apartment is probably the cleanest it has ever been we spent hours and hours cleaning over the last few days and mostly today! Hopefully I will be able to sleep better now. I hate spiders and bugs!
Anyways... it was a pretty crazy, exciting week! We are keeping busy though! I do love it! We even were able to go to Zone Conference and learn about the new 8 things. Well part of them or something. I guess my mission president didn't tell us what we were learning he is just teaching us it. It was really good though! I always love Zone Conference! It's amazing I learn so much and the spirit is so strong! I also got to see Misty Posey and some people from Greenfield! It was so cool! They were going to the temple and I was leaving to go back to Marion from Zone Conference! It was so great seeing them! I loved it! Well... I need to get going but I love you so much! I hope all is going well! I love you! Love, Sister Madison Whitney

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