Sister Madison Whitney

Columbus Ohio Mission
January 27, 2010 - July 15, 2011

Well done thou good and faithful servant!!!

Madison returns home on July 15th, 2011. Her home coming will be July 24 at 11:30 a.m. in the Bloomington Hills Stake Center.

Sister Whitney, Sister Lillywhite, and Sister Szymanski. A trio and still in Newark, Ohio.

Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hello Family! Great News! I am still serving in Greenfield! I am only in a companionship now! I am serving with Sister Parry still! I love her so much! She is a wonderful companion and we have so much fun together! I am super excited for this next 6 weeks in Greenfield! I know that we are going to accomplish so much! We have been doing really good in the area. I can't even remember what I have and haven't told you about! I am pretty sure I told you about Sandy and Shelby. They both got Baptized on the 18th of June! They are doing really great! We are teaching a few people but not a lot. You know what they say about your teaching pool after you have baptisms. Your teaching pool drains with the font! But it is well worth it because instead of Investigators to teach we have recent converts! But we are working a lot with Less Actives and we are going to be going through the area book and look up all the former investigators. Hopefully we will be able to get more investigators! The main people we are working with at this point is Megan Southward, Beulah Hales, Dawn and Shawn Smith, and well a few others. Beulah is 83! She is so cool! She even feels drawn to the Mormons but is comfortable at her church and so she doesn't want to leave. But we are really working with her. Dawn and Shawn are great! They just have a hard time coming to church because her husband is a truck driver and he is only home on the weekends and so she want's to be able to spend time with them.
The Zoo was so much fun! It was just cool to get out of the area! And everything is just so much cooler when you're a missionary! We were able to go with our District and Zone Leaders which made it way fun! I took a billion pictures! I am actually going to be sending a package home in the next week or so with some stuff I don't need to carry around with me. It will have me S.D. card in it and so if you will make a couple of C.D's of it and then send it back that would be great! And my companion want's one of the C.D.'s and so if you could make an extra one for her that would be great! So if you haven't sent the package you are going to be sending me don't send it yet. Until I can get you mine. Also I might need a few more garments. I would like 2 more mesh bottoms and 2-4 tops. I am not sure what size or anything and so I will let you know in the package. I am also out of hairspray if you have room in the package. If not I will just buy some at Wal-Mart next time that we go. Not a big deal! But I will definatly try and send that package on Wednesday or Thursday when we get more money for July!
I talked to the doctor and she called me when I think that she was supposed to call you. The reason she said she did all the test was because I was a new patient and since I hadn't been to the doctor in a while I needed to get them all checked or something. I have the number. I will give it to you and you can call and talk to her assistant. The number is 614-292-3800 ask for Wendy. Then she gave me Liz Lantle's number she is the medication assistant. If we need help with money I think. The number is 614-293-0993. They should let you get a hold of my information. I faxed something over to them and so just call them. The weather out here is insane! It is in the high 90's and it's so humid! It's crazy because they have the most random rain storms ever! Yesterday it was sunny and then we were eating dinner and this crazy hurricane rain started falling and then in an hour it was all clear and sunny again! We did get a little window air conditioner on Saturday! It is so much nicer! It was getting to be 87 in our apartment. Now only the bedroom is cold but that's just were we do everything now. I can't believe Brigham is driving! That's scary! Ha-ha... Alright... I have to go. But I love you so much! I hope all is going good at home! I love you and miss you all so much! Remember to always read your scriptures and say your prayers!

Love, Sister Madison Whitney

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