Sister Madison Whitney

Columbus Ohio Mission
January 27, 2010 - July 15, 2011

Well done thou good and faithful servant!!!

Madison returns home on July 15th, 2011. Her home coming will be July 24 at 11:30 a.m. in the Bloomington Hills Stake Center.

Sister Whitney, Sister Lillywhite, and Sister Szymanski. A trio and still in Newark, Ohio.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

November 23, 2010

I can't even believe that it is Thanksgiving! It's so weird! This is only the 2nd Thanksgiving where I haven't been home! But I am excited to celebrate it out here! We are eating at the Wakely's home for Thanksgiving! I am excited! They are a wonderful family and amazing cooks! I always love eating at their house! We will also go to the Smithbergers on Saturday for their Thanksgiving Dinner! I am excited! It will be great! That's fun that you were able to have an early Thanksgiving with Brent's family! I bet that is fun! I miss them, Especially Cassie! Except she never writes me anymore.
This last week was amazing! Abby, Zoey, Chloe, and Danielle were all Baptized on the 20th of November! It was such an amazing baptism! The spirit was so strong and it was so good to see them finally make it! It was a hard road for Abby to quit smoking but she did it! It has been amazing to work with her! I have seen such a change from when we first knocked on her door! And now her husband is planning on getting baptized on Dec. 4th! It's wonderful!
We have found a few more people to teach! Member Referrals’ are the best! We are teaching a girl named Sarah Smith that is super excited to learn! She is just a single mom with 4 kids and is really busy. But we are finding those that are prepared and so that is good!
We went to the temple today! I loved it! The temple is the best place on earth! I wish that I could go more! We went with the other Sister Missionaries in Clearfork. It was Sister LeSuer's birthday today! It just feels so peaceful in the temple! I would sit in the celestial room all day if I could!
I guess not too much has happened this week! We have been able to teach more lessons. But nothing too exciting, besides the baptism of course! People always say that your teaching pool drains with the font! Which is true but it's the best way to see it get smaller. Now we just need to work hard to find more people to teach!
Mom, I got the package! Thanks so much for the blanket! Except I went to use it last night and it isn't working:( I don't know what's wrong it's flashing which on the instructions it says that when it flashes something is wrong with it. I don't know if you could possibly send me the packaging and the receipt so I could return it and get a new one. Where did you get it? Thanks for putting the triples in with my Christmas Package when it comes! If you could include some general conference ensigns that would be much appreciated! I love having a copy to my self so I can read through it and mark it up and take notes on it.
Anyways... Transfers are on Dec. 9th so if you can either send my Christmas package before then or to the Mission address that would be great! I love you so much and I miss you! I hope that you have an amazing week!
Love, Sister Madison Whitney

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